Gnosi contro Cristianesimo

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If the truth is one and the error is multiple, why is it that only one radical error prevails throughout history, which we can call Gnosi?

If we live in the era of the "end of ideologies", why does the Gnostic one continue to spread?

If we live in the age of secularization, why are old idolatries and magical practices back in vogue?

If we live in the era of progress, why does the dominant culture dream of returning to the Earthly Paradise by preparing a hell on earth?

If we live in the age of science and technology, why is emerging politics designing an ecological society of a tribal type?

The book intends to answer these crucial questions, highlighting the deep and ancient spiritual and intellectual causes of the contemporary crisis.

As a result, the "conflict of civilizations" in progress today is that between the residual Christian civilization and the growing revolutionary barbarism with its post and transhumanism.


Guido Vignelli is a scholar of ethics, the social doctrine of the Church and the science of communications. He was trained in the counter-revolutionary school of Catholic thought and is dedicated to defending the principles and institutions of Christian civilization. In 1982 he was a founding member of the Cultural Center Lepanto and in 1987 of the Association Famiglia Domani; from 1993 to 2013 he directed the project SOS Ragazzi. He writes articles and books, holds training courses, collaborates with traditional Catholic-inspired associations, magazines, radios and websites. E-mail:


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