Mors Tua Vitae Mea English Version

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This volume, dedicated to the problem of the moral unlawfulness of vaccines that use cell lines from fetuses that are victims of voluntary abortion, presents a collection of twenty essays by senior clergy (an Archbishop and a Bishop of the Catholic Church), prelates, university lecturers, philosophers, doctors, jurists, historians, experts in the field and activists who, without any ideological or practical compromise, are committed to the defence of human life from conception to natural death.

The theme under discussion is very specific, but of great topicality and decisive moral importance. It is a subject that has deeply divided the Catholic world, even in its most conservative and traditional factions. Therefore, the aim of this book is to provide a clear, unequivocal, reasoned and documented answer to the moral problem posed, which is framed within the specific context of remote cooperation with evil.

As is only natural, each author, in his or her own contributions and according to his or her own expertise, has also addressed the main themes of his or her own field. However, the whole work is never abstracted from the reality of the political and socio-economic situation in which we find ourselves living since February 2020, to which some authors have devoted specific attention.

The resulting picture is undoubtedly in-depth, food for thought, and it includes useful clarifications for understanding both the moral problem posed and the current dramatic situation.

EDITOR Massimo Viglione,

the editor of this anthology, is a tenured researcher, lecturer, historian, and essayist.

His historical research focused on three topics in particular: The anti-Jacobean revolts in Italy; the Risorgimento revolution; the persistence of the idea of the Crusade, and the anti-Ottoman wars in the late middle ages and the modern era. On each topic, he has published extensively, both in Italian and international publications.

An intellectual committed to defending the values of Catholic Tradition, he is a well-known Italian writer, lecturer, and commentator. He hosts a popular Facebook page, a Telegram channel, internet videos, and the blog “Il Ponte Levatoio,” which features his online history courses.

He is co-founder and editorial director of Edizioni Maniero del Mirto, and he is founder and President of the Triarii Confederation, where he is a commentator on Triarii Tv.


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